Welcome to my blog: ‘A Trip Lover’

Welcome to my blog: ‘A Trip Lover’

Hi everyone!

My name is Jose, a Spanish teacher from Málaga. After getting my Teacher degree in Málaga, I lived in Cambridge (UK) and Bremen (Germany). I spent a long term of my life in Barbastro, Huesca (Spain), where I started my life with my wife and where my two girls were born; and now I’m living with my beautiful family in Valencia (Spain).

I’m an amateur photographer that loves traveling, enjoying nature, architecture, different cultures and, in short, all those things that are around us and anywhere in the world.

This blog means to be a place to share all those moments and places that grabbed my attention at some point in my live. Pictures that, for different reasons, I wanted to take and now I share with all those who want to have a look.

Feel free to come in and comment, ask, give advice, criticize, etc. I’ll be glad to give you tips of all those places I’ve visited, so you can go straight to them and enjoy every city or place the best way.

That’s it for now, welcome and see you around!!!

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