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Málaga: It all started here

Málaga: It all started here

It all started in Málaga (South of Spain), a beautiful and charming city full of amazing places and lovely corners. Its streets, monuments, museums, the friendly and warm people, the weather… All this make of Málaga the perfect place to visit for thousands of tourist every year, no matter the season, Málaga is always full of life.


Muelle 1: A walk in the dock
Many places to visit…

It’s not only the weather and the food, Málaga is becoming one of the most important cities in Europe for those who love the art in any of its fields. With outstanding museums like Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Centre Pompidou Málaga, and much more.

So many ways to enjoy art, a lot of temporary exhibitions coming from the most influential cities of the world. New York, Paris or London display the most recent works using the city of Málaga as the perfect scenario.



The Roman and Phoenician heritage left in Málaga so many archeological remains, mixed with Renaissance monuments as the cathedral of Málaga, affectionately called ‘La Manquita’ (the Little One-armed) by the people from Málaga, because one of the two towers was never built and the authorities, with the pressure of the people, decided not to touch it after so many years.


‘Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación’


Also, the impressive Alcazaba, a palatial fortification built in the 11th century by the Hammudid dynasty, with an amazing view of the port and part of the city center.


Alcazaba of Málaga


When you walk around the city center you can find amazing places, some famous and very crowded, other not that famous, but even more beautiful. The port, the Calle Larios, the central market, the beaches…


‘Muelle 1’
Central Market


Of course, the food is very important in the Spanish culture and Málaga is full of bars and restaurants to enjoy the most typical dishes. One of them is probably the most famous in the city center, ‘El Pimpi’. There you can see the most typical and traditional images of the southern culture in Spain. Enjoy the best Iberian ham, Spanish omelet, the well know and delicious ‘pescaito frito‘ (local fried fish), ready to be tasted with the typical wine ‘Fino‘ or Málaga Virgen (sweet wine).


Antonio Banderas, the famous actor from Málaga, signing in a wine barrel.


And there’s no way to forget one of the most important and beautiful things in Málaga, the sunsets, here you have a small sample of those that I’ve lived in my beloved Málaga. A breathtaking sky that makes you forget everything and simply enjoy what our sun can show us.


West park
Málaga’s dock
Sunset with Málaga’s skyline


Summarizing, Málaga is a paradise, one of the most important cities in Spain and a perfect place to spend a few days (or not that few…) with your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your wife/husband, your friends… The perfect place to discover the treasures of the Spanish culture and fall in love with the Andalusian city.

I strongly recommend all of you visiting the city, integrate yourself in the southern atmosphere and feel it as yours, that’s how you’ll really enjoy Málaga. And remember that if you come to Málaga, you’ll feel the necessity of coming back in the future, so… are you ready?






(All the pictures taken by Jose L. Mateos)

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