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Spanish Pyrenees: ‘Forau d’Aigualluts’

Spanish Pyrenees: ‘Forau d’Aigualluts’


When someone asks you something like… What’s your favorite place in the world? If I try to answer, I can’t choose just one, probably because it always depends on what emotions and feelings are you trying to remember. But, if I could choose more than one, the place I’m showing you here it’s a Must in that list: The Spanish Pyrenees.



One of the mosts extraordinary places in the Pyrenees (the Spanish side) is the Forau d’Aigualluts, a gulf, around 40 meters deep, that receives the water from the glaciers of the Aneto, a Pyrenean peak.



An amazing natural phenomenon, where the mountain literally swallows the river. The water penetrates into the ground and disappears. Then it follows an underwater course of more than 3km, before reappearing in the Val d’Aran region, still in Spain.




In my opinion, a fascinating spectacle where you can see the water diving into the Forau d’ Aigualluts, also known as Le Trou du Toro, flowing along the course through the rocks, and coming out a few kilometres further on and becoming the Garonne River in France.

The cold wind, the strange sensation that you feel when you walk on the snow, the silence, the astonishing landscape mixing bright green, brown and white colors, the majesty of the mountains, the smallness of the people… the nature in all its magnificence… ONE OF MY PLACES!!!


(All the pictures taken by Jose L. Mateos) 

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