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Tokyo: Meiji Jingū Shrine

Tokyo: Meiji Jingū Shrine

My trip to Japan was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. An absolutely beautiful country, an amazing culture full of charming places to visit and corners to enjoy every second you spend in it, the Land of the Rising Sun.

The first temple we visited when we arrived in Tokyo was the Meiji Jingū, a beautiful and quiet shinto shrine located in Harajuku, near the Yoyogi Park. When we arrived was soon, so we could enjoy it almost in our own, without the typical crowd of those famous places in Tokyo.

One of the most special places in the shrine is the center, where you can find a huge sacred tree to hang ema on. Ema are pieces of wood with prayers written on the back. There you can leave hang yours in this magical place full of lovely messages all around the tree.

So many beautiful corners in one of the places that inspired me more calmness and tranquility in my whole life. Just walk around, enjoy the peace and silence and you’ll find yourself in a shrine built to take all those bad thoughts of your mind.

I’ll keep showing you those places in Japan that made me fall in love with that amazing country.

(All the pictures taken by Jose L. Mateos) 

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