Fairy Glen: A place full of magic

Fairy Glen: A place full of magic

I have no doubt that one of the most unforgettable moments of my visit to Scotland was our walk all over a magical place with charming green paths and full of beautiful corners that everyone should visit when visiting Scotland.

Located in the Isle of Skye, it’s one of the most famous landscapes in this part of the country, not only for its obvious beauty, but also for all the magical environment involving its hills and fields.

Once you arrive, you have to park in the same road, get out and start hiking all over the place. You can see a series of miniature green grassy hills, some are high, the most of them are like miniatures, that’s the main reason why this place is known as Fairy Glen, because it really looks like the land of fairies.

All this beautiful hills are at the shadow of one that stands out among the others, a rock tower known as Castle Ewen, as it looks like a real castle. It’s situated in the middle of Fairy Glen and if you climb up to the top you have an amazing view, as you can see in the pictures.

The place is full of amazing spots to sit and enjoy a picnic, but probably the most beautiful is the one with the spirals made with stones. Spirals that were made for the tourists and now are part of the landscape.

If you visit Scotland, probably you’ll spend some time in Skye, so don’t hesitate and visit this magical place in Glen, spend time looking the hills, listening the nature and taking amazing pictures that will always make you remember one of the most impressive places of Scotland.

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